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Hi Ms. Goetz, we started your program 3 weeks ago and things have already greatly improved with our son. His mood is much better and the anxiety is getting better each week as he works with the scheduling and self-talk modification part of the program. Our relationship with him is much improved as well. We aren’t the ‘bad guys’ anymore, in fact he comes to us often to talk and tell us about his good day, or accomplishments, or how he’s ‘beaten anxiety or depression’ that day. I can’t believe how things have turned in just a few weeks. The changes that we’ve made are life long and we’re excited to see where things go from here! Happy Holidays


Good morning Sara, I don’t even know where to begin. It’s hard work but Stella is like a completely different person. She’s present, happy and appearing as though she’s in control. Before your program, she would say that anxiety or depression controlled her and that really determined what kind of day she had, and what kind of day our family had. We used to be so worried about her but now she is so confident. It’s been a great change! Talk to you in a few days,


This program was so refreshing after being in therapy with our daughter for several months. Talk therapy was helpful but seemed to plateau. This program gives information that the whole family will use forever


Not only do you get several weeks of information, you also get one-on-one consultations. The guidance and support was extremely valuable throughout this process.


If you have kids with anxiety or depression this program is a must. There are so many things that can cause symptoms of anxiety and depression that our therapist never talked about. There are also coping skills that we learned in this program that other professionals never mentioned. Sara has really done her homework.


Hi Sara, well we just finished week 3 and we’ve learned so much! The information in each weekly webinar has been instrumental in the changes we’ve had to make. I don’t know how we got so off track over the years but the changes you’ve suggested have actually helped the entire family and not just Matt. It’s crazy just how much everything’s connected! Matt told me that he’s liked how reflective he’s become and aware of his feelings around different situations. He’s made some really great schedule changes as well which he’s stated make him feel like he’s more in control of his life. He’s happier and we’re talking more as a family so things are definitely improving! Looking forward to our talk with you this week. Happy holidays!


Hi Ms. Goetz, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve seen a lot of improvement with Matt’s overall behavior as well as our connection with him. He’s even shared with us that he feels happier and is gaining control of his thoughts again. As a whole things have improved greatly, now we are just trying to stick to the physical health changes that you’ve suggested. I can definitely see how the foods we were eating impacted our mental health…and limiting social media and the news has made a huge difference! 🙂 Thanks again! Best regards,


This is not what I thought it would be at all. It’s not just a therapy program, it’s life changing. I will use this program and the books forever. It’s been eye opening!


The information in conjunction with the workbooks helped me to be self-aware and make the changes needed to change my life and my mental health. Take good notes because you will want to read and re-read this information! The pattern work throughout this program was truly life changing. After years of therapy, I’m grateful to have found this program.