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About Us

Welcome to Innovative Wellness LLC where we strive to help our client’s holistically, for symptom removal rather than symptom management. Innovative Wellness was developed to help individuals focus on their overall health and wellness to improve their mental health. Traditional talk therapy requires months or years of treatment and doesn’t give long-lasting results. Effectively treating anxiety and depression symptoms goes beyond the therapy sessions. We have used current research from child therapists as well as adult therapists, to create a strategic and comprehensive program for both adults and high school age children.

Talk therapy only works to change one part of the individual, leaving several parts of the person untreated. Most therapists talk about coping skills but they don’t treat the underlying causes, which was like putting on a band-aid and would leave patients dealing with anxiety and depression for much longer than needed. Child therapists at Children’s Hospital of Orange County stated that providers and parents agree that mental and physical health are intertwined and that a holistic health plan is the most effective for long term health, (Orange County Business Journal, May 2019). As child therapists, we work closely with parents during this process because for the child to have an effective therapeutic experience, parents need to be heavily involved.

We base our online therapy programs on the belief that if you treat individuals holistically, the longevity of effectiveness is increased. Therefore, looking at individuals from a holistic lens to take into consideration their mental, physical and social health, their lives will change so much so that anxiety and depression will naturally go away and clients will be in control of their lives again. At Innovative Wellness this is our goal with every online therapy client; to show individuals how to be in the best overall health from their head to their toes! Dr. Uma Naidoo writes in her book that, “Serotonin, a key chemical deficient in the brains of depressed and anxious people, plays a major role in regulating the gut-brain axis. Serotonin is one of the most buzzed-about brain chemicals because of its role in mood and emotion, but did you know that more than 90 percent of serotonin receptors are found in the gut? In fact, some researchers believe that the brain-serotonin deficit is heavily influenced by the gut…” (This is your brain on food).

Simply focusing on the problem and coping skills is negative and reactive versus being proactive and focusing on solutions and client’s strengths. Focusing on the positives, self-awareness, solutions and strengths, gives the control back to the client because they are being proactive and developing healthy life habits for mental, physical, emotional and nutritional health. You have the power to change your life.

There are natural, holistic things you can do to help! It is our mission to help individuals to improve their mental and physical health by looking at everything in their life that they come into contact with to ensure there is mental and physical improvement. Dr. Uma Naidoo MD states that, “We know that these connections are quite real. Depression can affect the heart. Pathologies of the adrenal gland can throw you into a panic. Infections darting through your bloodstream can make you seem like you have lost your mind. Maladies of the body frequently manifest as turbulence of the mind,” (This is Your Brain on Food).

Brief Overview of Online Programs

Creating online therapy programs came about because the majority of our patients were unintentionally doing things that was causing anxiety, depression, irritability, insomnia, panic, etc. We look into different aspects of mental health and wellness each week of the program to give clients a comprehensive look into what might be causing their anxiety or depression symptoms and then offer solutions to these issues. In utilizing the solutions, they are creating a solid foundation of wellness; mentally and physically. This will be the basis for the longevity of mental health and wellness. We also discuss new coping skills that integrate one’s nervous system which is highly effective in times of stress, anxiety, and sadness. As child therapists, we knew that we needed an aspect of the teen therapy program that was specially designed for parents so they can be involved in their child’s therapy process. There are some child therapists that don’t include the parents as much as we do, however, parents are a part of their child’s system and if their child is going to grow and change, the parents need to as well or things will simply go back to the way things were prior to therapy treatment.


Sample From The Mental Health and Wellness Book –

Anxiety and PTSD Response

It is impossible to have an anxiety attack or panic attack when your body is relaxed. A panic attack is a combination of outward symptoms of having your nervous system stuck in high alert. This happens when your amygdala sends a message that you’re in danger, therefore your body goes into the fight, flight or freeze response. When stressed, our muscles get tense…when nervous our breathing gets shallow. Breathe deep and slowly…

Learn how to regulate your nervous system to be calm, centered, grounded. Train your mind to separate what you’re doing and how you feel about it. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) – use self-talk and deep slow breathing to reprogram the thought process in the given activity. Try washing your face with cold water. Remember that mono-tasking is good…mentally multi-tasking is bad. Practice mindfulness – be present doing what we’re doing. Notice where you’re at. Do one slow thing a day…stop to pet animal, cuddle, stretch, willingness to be motivated to do activities to be calm, mindful, deep/slow breathing. Remember to self-regulate and check in with your body and mind every few minutes every day.

“This program was so refreshing after being in therapy with our daughter for several months. Talk therapy was helpful but seemed to plateau. This program gives information that the whole family will use forever.”


“Not only do you get several weeks of information, you also get one-on-one consultations. The guidance and support was extremely valuable throughout this process.”


“If you have kids with anxiety or depression this program is a must. There are so many things that can cause symptoms of anxiety and depression that our therapist never talked about. There are also coping skills that we learned in this program that other professionals never mentioned. Sara has really done her homework.”


“This is not what I thought it would be at all. It’s not just a therapy program, it’s life changing. I will use this program and the books forever. It’s been eye opening!”


“The information in conjunction with the workbooks helped me to be self-aware and make the changes needed to change my life and my mental health. Take good notes because you will want to read and re-read this information! The pattern work throughout this program was truly life changing. After years of therapy, I’m grateful to have found this program.”