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  • Child Psychologist Wauwatosa GuidanceGuide you on a holistic process for comprehensive change.
  • Child Psychologist Wauwatosa CalmUse innovative and simple methods to alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms better than traditional talk therapy.
  • Child Psychologist Wauwatosa GrowthHarness a strategic growth plan to ensure optimal therapeutic treatment and outcomes.

“We started your program 3 weeks ago and things have already greatly improved with our son. His mood is much better and the anxiety is getting better each week as he works with the scheduling and self-talk modification part of the program. Our relationship with him is much improved as well. We aren’t ‘the bad guys’ anymore, in fact he comes to us often to talk and tell us about his good day, or accomplishments, or how he’s ‘beaten anxiety or depression.’ that day. I can’t believe how things have turned in just a few weeks. The changes that we’ve made are life long and we’re excited to see where things go from here!”
– Grant

Innovative Wellness LLC was created from a desire to bring a comprehensive wellness approach to clients suffering with anxiety and/or depression. As child and adult therapists, we’ve spent a lot of time researching the most effective therapeutic approaches for anxiety and depression among different age groups, cultural dynamics, genders, etc. and we’ve come to conclude that without a holistic and comprehensive approach to mental health wellness, clients were frequently returning for similar symptoms.

This prompted us to research a more comprehensive wellness approach for mental and physical health; taking into account what one eats, drinks, puts on their skin, environment they live within, etc. Whereas many child and adult therapists focus mainly on methods of talk therapy, we wanted to focus on one’s entire system to offer a more holistic approach to mental health and wellness. Therefore, our programs have many aspects to them to offer clients a comprehensive online therapeutic treatment option that has been effective for long-term mental health and wellness.

We offer two online therapy options; one for teens with anxiety and/or depression and one for adults with anxiety and/or depression. The program for teens has a weekly component for their parents/guardians so they can be a part of their child’s therapy process. Our child therapists have worked with thousands of adolescents and have found that the best, most effective treatment options include the child’s parents. Therefore, our program for teens includes information and suggestions for parents as to how they can most effectively help their child as they are learning, growing and changing throughout this process.

The therapy programs are either 8-weeks or 12-weeks long and include a weekly webinar, workbooks, and bi-weekly phone or Zoom consultations with Sara Goetz, Psychotherapist and Holistic Wellness Coach, who is also the owner of Innovative Wellness LLC. These consultations are for support, guidance and to answer any questions or concerns the clients have. The consultations are also great for setting weekly or bi-weekly personal and therapy goals. In the research we have completed during the initial phase of modifying the programs, we’ve learned that client’s had the most effective outcome in having the webinars for information and guidance, the workbooks for reflection and growth, and the consultations for support, guidance, and to answer any questions or concerns. Our child therapists found that the involvement of parents was critical in the success of their children because for the child to grow and change, their parents have to as well. This program also gives parents advice based on research as to what is helpful for teens and what has not been helpful for teens as they go through the therapy process.

Our Why

As child and adult therapists, we’ve worked with many clients who have wanted a different, more modern approach to therapy and mental health and wellness. We talked with many people who believed that talk therapy wasn’t enough for them to make long lasting sustainable change. Many of the clients that came to us for help wanted something more comprehensive that included making little changes throughout their life so they felt better holistically. We have found that in order to feel better holistically, clients needed a more comprehensive approach because the mind and body are connected and you cannot simply treat one without treating the other and expect to have effective long-lasting results. Once we started to include the mind/body connection in our therapy process, clients started having a much quicker, much more effective therapeutic response.

The information that our researchers gathered, along with the workbooks and the consultations gave clients everything they needed to feel empowered to make the changes needed to for a more effective mental health and wellness approach. As child therapists for over a decade, we’ve seen a drastic improvement in how little time it can take for improvement in mental health if a more holistic approach is taken with mental health and wellness.

The programs are both online and can be accessed from the comfort and privacy of your home at your convenience. The workbooks are sent to your home and the webinars can be accessed weekly through an online portal. Phone/Zoom consultations can be made via email for a time that is most convenient for you. We found that most people live very busy lives and have found it to be very nice to be able to access the webinars and complete the suggested workbook pages in the evenings or on the weekends. Therefore, this online program is convenient for those with busy lives and want something that they can do in the comfort of their home.

Contact us at sara@innovativewellnessllc.com to set up a FREE consultation to see if you would be a good fit for our online therapy program. The workbooks will be sent to your home and you will be sent the information needed to access the webinar in the online portal once the program has been ordered. Phone/Zoom consultations can be made via email at sara@innovativewellnessllc.com

We are currently offering FREE consultations to see if this online program is right for you. Don’t wait to take advantage of this innovative online therapy experience! Contact us today at sara@innovativewellnessllc.com

10% of all sales go to SKIPPYDEEDOODAH, an organization raising money to fight against crimes against children. This is a fundraiser organization to restore survivors of child trafficking.